Ficha de Sequoiadendron giganteum

La información está cogida de y su autor es Craig Coussins.


  • Shallow roots so a shallow pot. They do not like deep soil.
  • I use a mix of Akadama 40%, Kiriyu45%  and some peat.15%-They are not difficult in soil but need a free draining soil like a juniper
  • I fertilize with Bio Gold pellets. A handful on every quarter of the soil every three months
  • Root prune as normal like Junipers
  • Foliage prune by plucking hard once a year-What time of year? I am still trying to work that out.So far here is what I do right now: Its best to pluck once at the beginning of summer when the new shoots start to grow and then tidy up what you missed in early September  Under prune all branches to make a clean line and do not make Pom Poms (they look ugly)
  • Wiring: June. Watch for growth and remove when wire starts to cut in.
  • Pests: Spray against wasps and bark pests. Wasps eat the bark to make nests.
  • Watering: As normal but spray foliage once or twice a day in the morning and evening to emulate the conditions found in the Giant Sequoia Forest  in California that are 1.7 to 2 thousand metres above sea level and so get a lot of cloud moisture in nature morning and evening.
  • Placement: They like full sun but can take slight shade in winter. Mine do not get much sun in Winter but are kept in a light place which essentially gets no direct sun from October until April.
  • Branches: Keep these short as in the wild.


Y ahora un par de fotos, la primera del propio artículo.


y la segunda una sequoia en la que estoy trabajando


ya está más densa, la foto es de hace un par de años, pero se ven ciertas similitudes con la foto anterior. Es difícil que las ramas permanezcan en su sitio, tienden a elevarse. Retrasa el verde con mucha facilidad, aunque no podes fuerte.



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